«Anita Tsoy - #VGoLove»

  • Format: Music Video
  • Client: Storm Films
  • Year: 2020
The Director of our company worked on the project

Director: Karen Arutyunov
Producer: Fedor Kan
DOP: Stas Pavlenko
Scriptwriter: Karen Arutyunov, Dmitry Mitrofanov
Cast: Anita Tsoy, Nastasya Samburskaya, Ekaterina Volkova, Sergey Komarov, Marcus Riva


They are from different worlds. She is a famous singer who lives with her family in luxurious apartments. He is an aspiring taxi driver musician who rents an apartment on the outskirts with his girlfriend. Her carefree and comfortable life, as if from the pages of the magazine, and his, filled with domestic and financial problems. What could be common? Of course, what is constantly in the head is Music. This changes the world and becomes the only lifeline when personal freedom of expression is banned in the family ...