• Format: Web series
  • Genre: Action Comedy
  • Client: ANY TIME MEDIA
  • Year: 2019
Director: Karen Arutyunov
Producers: David Valiani, Karen Arutyunov, Angelina Musaelyan, Yuriy Siluanov, Evgeniy Siluanov
DOP: Stas Pavlenko
Composer: Sergey Moiseyenko
Starring: Yuriy Siluanov, Evgeniy Siluanov, Danila Yakushev, Yana Anosova, Maria Khaidina, Alexandr Shalyapin


Action detective series, based on real events in the life of the Siluanov brothers. Each episode consists of scenes in the interrogation room, in which a full story is collected from the narrative of the brothers like a puzzle.