«Sixteen year old whiskey»

  • Format: Short Film
  • Genre: Drama
  • Year: 2016
Director: Karen Arutyunov, Denis Lafanov
Producers: Denis Lafanov, David Valiani, Karen Arutyunov, Galina Kurochkina
DOP: Igor Kazachenok
Composer: Sergey Moiseyenko
Starring: Nikita Panfilov, Ivan Zarkhin
In partnership with 3Q Cinema film company


Alexey grew up in a boarding school, went through a Chechen war and, unable to adapt to civilian life, turned into a killer. Businessman Mikhail should become his next victim, however at the meeting Alexey realizes, that he is his orphanage friend.Now they are separated by an abyss of sixteen years, several social strata and numerous injuries. What is stronger - the common past and the love of one woman or the fear of "masters"? What choice will Alexei make in such a difficult situation?